Tuesday, March 01, 2011 4:48:00 PM

February/March Newsletter

I apologize for taking so long to compose this newsletter.  It was just so hard to get into a routine in February.  Too many snow days.  But now we are into a routine and headed quickly for the end of the year.  Many things will be happening at Advance Schools over the next couple of months.  It will be a very hectic and exciting time. 

Since it is already March I will only cover what is left to do in the school year.  The first thing coming up will be our annual Grandparents Day on March 17th.  We will combine this with our March awards assembly.  We will begin at 1:30 pm with the awards assembly.  We will dismiss grandparents to the classrooms at 2:30 pm.  It is always a very exciting day for us on Grandparents Day.  We look forward to seeing all the grandparents this year. 

Then on March 18th we will dismiss school for the end of the third quarter.  Report cards are not far away.

The end of March sees the beginning of the fourth quarter and also of MAP testing.  The state wide window of days to begin MAP testing is March 28th.  Advance Schools will not begin our testing until April 4.  We will test for two weeks, except for fifth grade which will begin on March 29 and test for three weeks.  As most of you know, the MAP test is very important for our school.  It is one of the measures the state and federal governments use to assess our school. 

Our school year is quickly coming to a close.  I want to remind everyone to continue to work as hard as you can, whether you are a student, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or whatever.  It takes all of us to provide a great education for our students.
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Monday, January 03, 2011 10:16:00 AM

January Newsletter

Welcome to 2011!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their time off.  I know I did.  I am excited to get the second semester started.  The teachers are all working hard to prepare fun, exciting, and informational lessons for our students.  As usual, we are all looking ahead to the MAP testing that will take place in late March and early April.  These tests are very important to our school.   They are the measure that is used by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to evaluate our curriculum and teaching effectiveness.  You will be hearing more and more about these tests as the school year goes along. 

As everyone knows this time of the year lends itself to bad weather.  We hope that we do not get any this year.  However, if we do and it is necessary to close school, announcements will be made on KFVS 12, KDEX radio, and Mississippi River Radio stations, as well as sent out on the text caster announcement system.  Should we initially begin a school day and then find it necessary to let out early, we ask that parents have arrangements made in advance for the transportation of your student.  We ask that if at all possible parents refrain from calling the school when the announcement is made to let out early.  This becomes a very busy time for all of us at the school.  Please have a plan for your child and communicate that to his/her teacher. 

Our 4-8 grade Stoddard County Scholastic Meet will be held February 17th at Dexter.  Teachers will be selecting our participants very shortly.  Should your child be selected to compete in this event, more information will be sent home at that time.

This time of the year is basketball time in Southeast Missouri and our elementary is no exception.  Currently we have third through sixth grade playing.  Their games are played in the old gym.  If you would like a schedule of their games, let me know.  Good luck to all of our boys and girls.

As always, should anyone need anything, don’t hesitate to call me at the school.

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Thursday, December 02, 2010 2:13:00 PM

December Newsletter

December Newsletter


I hope everyone had a very restful and happy Thanksgiving break.  We are quickly approaching the end of the first semester.  We will dismiss school for the Christmas break on Friday December 17 at 3:10 pm.  School will reconvene on Monday January 3, 2011. 


I want to remind everyone about upcoming events at the school. 

  • ·         Monday December the 6th at 6:00 pm the Kindergarten and First Grade music program will be held in the cafeteria. 
  • ·         Thursday December 9th the Singing Stingers and the Junior/Senior High Choir will be performing at West Park Mall.  The Junior/Senior High Choir will perform at 10:00 am and the Singing Stingers will perform at 11:00.  They will return to Advance to perform at the Advance Nursing Home at 2:30 pm.
  • ·         December Awards Assembly will be held on December 10th at 2:30 pm.
  • ·         The 5th and 6th grade Basketball Teams will be playing at Scott City on December 11.  Time to be announced.
  • ·         Monday December 13th at 6:00 pm the Second and Third Grade music program will be held in the cafeteria.
  • ·         The School Board meeting will be held on Monday the 13th at 7:00pm in the Central Office.
  • ·         Tuesday December 14th will be the High School/Junior High School/6th Grade Band concert in the new gym at 6:00 pm.
  • ·         Friday December 17th is the end of the second quarter and the end of the first semester.  School will dismiss for the Christmas break at its regular time on that day. 
  • ·         School will reconvene on January 3, 2011.


With the upcoming break looming ever nearer, it is very easy to start letting our educational responsibilities slide.  I encourage everyone to continue to strive for excellence in your or your child’s studies.  Also, this is the start of cold and flu season, so please dress your children appropriately for the weather.  We will be having outdoor recess as long as the “feels like” temperature is above 19 degrees and there is no precipitation.  We check weather.com to determine the temperature. 


I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Friday, November 05, 2010 9:52:00 AM

November 2010 newsletter

The winds have kicked around from the north and the leaves are quickly falling from the trees.  The temperature is starting to slowly drop.  We have finished one quarter of school, had parent/teacher conferences, and are two weeks into the second quarter.  The holiday season is upon us and it will be Christmas before we know it. 


The students are getting into the routine of school and the teachers are starting to really learn their students.  In my opinion this is the most productive time of the school year. 


I have a few items of interest to everybody for November and upcoming dates.


·          The Advance Booster Club is hosting a bonfire as a kick off to the high school basketball season on Saturday November 6 at 6:00 pm at Westfield Park.  They are inviting the entire community to come out and enjoy hotdogs, chili, and soda. 

·         Daylight savings will be November 7.  Don’t forget to set your clocks back Saturday night.

·         November 10 is picture retake day.  If your child needs to have their picture retaken or if they missed the first picture day, Ms. Julie has some picture forms in the office.  Let her know if you need one.

·         The school is sponsoring a Veteran’s Day Assembly on November 11 at 10:00 am.  All parents and community members are invited.

·         The week of November 15, students in grades 3-12 will be completing surveys for our Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP).  These surveys will be confidential and the results will be used to make improvements to our school.

·         School will be dismissing for Thanksgiving on Wednesday November 24th at 11:30 pm.  We will then be out of school on Thursday the 25th and Friday the 26th.

·         The Elementary Music Christmas Programs are as follows:  Grades Kindergarten and First Grade will have their program on December 6th at 6:00 pm in the multipurpose room.  Grades Second and Third will have their program on December 13th at 6:00 pm in the multipurpose room.

·         The Band concert will be on December 14th at 6:00 pm in the new gym.


I will provide more information for you as I get it.  Have a great Holiday Season!

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Monday, October 04, 2010 9:31:00 AM

October 2010 newsletter

The crisp autumn air has arrived.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised since it is October.  I was just hoping to hang onto summer a little longer.  October is here and I wanted to give everyone a heads up about upcoming activities at Advance Schools and just give out some informational items. 

There is a cub scout meeting tonight in the cafeteria at 6:00 pm.

There is a PTO meeting tomorrow October 5 at 3:30 in the cafeteria.  I encourage all that can to attend the meeting.  The PTO has raised several thousand dollars over the past years for many worthwhile projects here at school.  Most recently they have contributed to the purchase and installation of playground equipment.  More playground equipment is on the agenda. 

The elementary monthly awards assembly will be held Friday October 8 at 2:30 pm.  The assembly is for grades K-4.

I hope everyone remembers that we will be out of school next Monday October 11, 2010 for Columbus Day.  Everyone can enjoy a well earned three day weekend. 

There is a school board meeting on October 14 at 7:00 pm.

On October 20, Mrs. Dannenmueller's history class will be presenting to our elementary classes for Missouri Day.  We are all looking forward to those presentations from the high school/junior high students.

The end of the first quarter is coming up fast.  The quarter will end on October 22.  Teachers will be sending out information regarding scheduling parent/teacher conferences.  Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for October 29 from 1:00 - 7:00 pm. 

October 25-29 is Red Ribbon Week.  Mrs. Blanton will be organizing several different activities and lessons for that week.

This year the school will be sending out parent surveys regarding many facets of the school district.  These surveys will be sent home with every child on Monday October 25.  We ask that each parent fill out a survey and return it to the school, either in your child's moose folder or bring them with you to parent/teacher conferences.  We encourage all parents to fill out and return the surveys.  These are anonymous surveys.  We use the information from these surveys to make changes where needed to ensure that we are providing the best education for the students of Advance R-IV Schools.

Fall Parties will be held on Thursday October 28 at 2:00 pm. 

School will dismiss early on October 29.  School will dismiss at 11:30 am.  Lunch will still be provided that day.

As always continue to check your child's Moose Folder for important school and class information, notes from the teacher, returned homework.  The Moose Folders are one tool in the communication process between the school and home.  We encourage parents to be active in their child's education.  Sometimes you can't rely on the students to remember they have a note in the Moose Folder.  Make sure you ask your child how their day was and if they have any homework, need to read, or have any notes from school. 

I want to remind all parents about the parent portal of our student information system.  This allows parents access to their child's information at school.  This information includes grades, attendance, discipline, announcements from school.  If you are not signed up for the parent portal, call or come by the office and we can get you fixed up. 

Also if you are not signed up for the Hornet Alert system, visit the link on the school website or contact the office and we can tell you how to sign up.  The Hornet Alert system is a text messaging and email system that sends out alerts about upcoming activities, school closings, and other important messages from the school.  It is a very valuable tool in that parent/school communication. 

Parents:  We have just completed School Bus Safety and Rules lessons in grades K-2.  I encourage parents to discuss with their child the importance of following the rules of the bus.  Remember that riding the school bus is a privilege and can be taken away.  Students:  What is the most important bus rule?  That is right; Stay in your seat.

Quick reminder:  If you are calling the school regarding a transportation change for your child.  PLEASE CALL AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE!!!  The most busy time for the office is the late afternoon.  Please try to avoid calling at that time.  I understand when emergencies come up and having to call the school late in the day is necessary.  A note in the morning to your child's teacher is still the best way to communicate those transportation changes. 

PARENTS:  Please stop by the office when you come to the school to visit.  We have had several parents who have not informed the office of their presence on campus.  For the safety of all students, all visitors to the school must check in at the office.  Please do not just head down to your child's classroom.  This disturbs the educational environment.  Thanks for your help with this.  Monday, October 04, 2010

As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's education, please don't hesitate to contact the school.  The education of all children is a partnership between the child, the child's parents/guardians, and the school.  We are all working together for the same cause. 

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