Public education is a function of the State of Missouri as expressed in the Missouri constitution, in the state statutes, and in federal and state court decisions. The Constitution provides for the establishment of a State Board of Education, which has general supervision of the public schools in the state. In providing for a system of free public education in the State of Missouri, the state also delegates certain responsibilities to local school districts.


Each district is governed by a Board of Education, which is elected locally and derives its power and authority from the state statutes. The Board is mindful, however, that the people of the Advance School District R-IV are the ultimate governors of public education in the district, and that the Board is directly accountable to the people through the elective process. The Board also believes that this accountability is a shared responsibility involving district students, professional and support staff employees, the superintendent of schools and the people themselves.


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Adopted: 12/14/2000




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Advance R-IV School District, Advance, Missouri



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