The mission of the Advance R-IV Public School System is to prepare students academically and socially to live together productively and responsibly in the "real" world.




The Board of Education of the Advance R-IV Public Schools is responsible for providing a comprehensive educational program for all students in its district.  Since the school is an integral part of the community, both school and community must work together to produce an open, concerned, and responsive program whose chief concern is the development of each individual to the utmost of his/her social, intellectual, physical, and emotional potential.  To achieve this, the Board of Education establishes policies which the Superintendent and staff translates into programs to maintain and improve the quality of learning and teaching in the Advance Public Schools.  We at Advance R-IV believe the best way to create good citizens is to respect our students, have confidence in them, teach them responsibility, fair play, and encourage respect for the rights and feelings of others.  If we can build self-esteem in our students, then we are well on our way to achieving our ultimate goal:  to prepare students academically and socially to live together productively and responsibly in the “real” world.




Since we subscribe to the basic philosophy stated above, we believe that we are obligated to provide a continuously evolving type of educational program whereby each person in school may:


a.         Become aware of his/her own interests, abilities and potentialities.


b.         Evolve a plan whereby the growth in terms of her/his interests, abilities and potentialities can be assured.


c.         Develop and maintain good health, proper health habits and physical fitness.


d.         Become proficient in the area of communication and in the understanding and interpretation of basic areas of knowledge.


e.         Make use of his/her creative abilities and his abilities to think reflectively.


f.          Equip herself/himself for happy and successful living in a vocation for which she/he is well adapted.


g.         Prepare himself/herself for a successful, satisfying life by the development of an appreciation for art, music and literature, and by the development of skills in certain hobbies and recreational activities.


h.         Prepare himself/herself for the responsibilities and privileges of family life.


i.          Prepare himself/herself for the acceptance of responsibilities as an American citizen and a citizen of the world.            





Note:  The reader is encouraged to review administrative procedures and/or forms for related information in support of this policy area.


Adopted:          March 21, 1995

Revised:           June 10, 2004