A quorum must be present, whether physically or electronically, in order to conduct an official meeting.  A quorum shall consist of four members of the Board of Education.


Meetings may be held in person or by means of communication equipment including, but not limited to, conference calls, video conferences, Internet chats or Internet message boards.


Meetings of the Board of Education shall be open to the public and the press unless closed as authorized by law.


All Board meetings shall be held at a place of sufficient size to accommodate the anticipated members of the public and at a time that is reasonably convenient.  In addition, reasonable efforts shall be made to make the meeting accessible to individuals with disabilities.  If any of these statutory requirements are not met, the nature of the cause for noncompliance for the meeting will be stated in the Board minutes.


Audio, video and other electronic recordings of open meetings are allowed by law, but the Board may establish guidelines regarding the manner in which such recordings are conducted to minimize disruption to the meeting.  Recording a closed meeting is prohibited unless permission has been granted by the Board by resolution.  By passing this policy the Board grants permission to the Board secretary to record closed meetings as necessary to fulfill his or her duties.


Meeting Notice


Public notice of all meetings shall be given in accordance with Board policy and law.


Regular Board Meetings


The Board of Education shall hold regular meetings throughout the year to transact such business as deemed necessary for the smooth operation of the school district.


The Board will hold its regular meeting on the Monday of the second full week of the month at 6:00 p.m. at the office of the Superintendent of Schools unless otherwise specified in the publicized notice of the meeting.


Special Board Meetings


Special Board meetings may be held from time to time as circumstances may demand.  Special meetings of the Board may be held at a time fixed by the Board or on the call of the president.  A special meeting may also be called by at least four members of the Board.  Each member shall be notified of the time, place and purpose of the meeting a reasonable amount of time in advance of the meeting.


Electronic Participation


The Board will allow members to participate electronically in meetings where other Board members are physically present, and the Board may hold meetings where all Board members participate electronically.  This participation may occur by telephone, video conference or other electronic means.  Board members may not simply vote electronically, but must: 1) be connected with the meeting throughout the discussion of business; 2) be able to hear or receive the same information as Board members physically present; and 3) participate in the discussion.  If a Board member electronically joins the meeting after an item of business has been opened, the remotely located member shall not participate until the next item of business is opened.


Any Board members participating electronically will be considered present.  The members shall be counted present for the purpose of establishing a quorum.  If a Board member participates in a meeting electronically, the Board secretary will document this fact in the minutes.  In accordance with law, Board members participating electronically may only vote in roll call votes if they are participating by videoconference or another legal exception applies.


Board members who wish to participate in a meeting electronically must notify the Board president and superintendent as early as possible.  The superintendent will arrange for the meeting to take place in a location with the appropriate equipment so that Board members participating in the meeting electronically may interact and the public may observe or hear the comments made in open session.  The superintendent will take measures to verify the identity of any remotely located participants if necessary.  Board members participating electronically in a closed-session meeting must take measures to protect the confidentiality of the meeting and ensure that other persons will not overhear the discussion and votes.  If the Board is not confident that appropriate measures have been or will be taken, the Board may refuse to allow a Board member to participate electronically in closed session.


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Note:   The reader is encouraged to check the index located at the beginning of this section for other pertinent policies and to review administrative procedures and/or forms for related information.


Adopted:         09/09/04


Revised:          01/12/12, 04/15/13, 04/14/14


Cross Refs:      KKB, Audio and Visual Recording


Legal Refs:      '' 162.301, .303, .511, 610.010 - .028, RSMo.


Advance R-IV School District, Advance, Missouri