A tentative agenda for each meeting of the Board shall be prepared by the superintendent, in consultation with the Board president, and shall be included in the public notice of such meetings. The tentative agenda must reasonably inform the public of matters to be considered. Any member of the Board may request items to be placed on the agenda. The tentative agenda, related materials and minutes of the previous meeting shall be mailed to each member at least four (4) days prior to the stated meeting.


The agenda for each meeting of the Board shall be adopted or modified by motion of a majority of those Board members present. Once the agenda is approved, it shall require a vote of a majority of the Board members present to make additional modifications.


Any patron or group of patrons desiring to be included on the agenda for the purpose of addressing the Board shall make a request to the superintendent five (5) days prior to the regular Board meeting. The request shall be submitted in writing, and shall provide sufficient detail to explain fully the issue(s) to be discussed. The Board reserves the right to limit the number of and speaking time of spokespersons appearing before the Board. Unless unusual circumstances dictate otherwise, the Board will not make a decision on an issue(s) presented by an individual or group during that particular meeting. The Board reserves the right to waive formalities in emergency situations, within the limitations of state statutes.


The superintendent shall cause a sufficient number of copies of the tentative agenda to be prepared and distributed to persons in attendance at the Board meeting.


Consent Agenda


In order to use time within the Board meetings more efficiently, the School Board also utilizes a consent agenda whenever appropriate. Items placed on the consent agenda are routine in nature or are among the many decisions that the Board has already determined are in the domain of the administration.


When the consent agenda is presented to the Board for action, the Board president will provide the opportunity for any member of the Board to request a discussion or removal of any item on the agenda. Any item requested to be removed from the consent agenda by a Board member will be placed on the regular agenda or removed from the agenda entirely, depending upon the request of the member and the Board's agreement. Remaining items on the consent agenda are then voted on and passed or denied by a single motion. The minutes of the Board meeting shall include the outcome of the vote and a list of all the items which appeared on the consent agenda.


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Adopted: December 14, 2000




Legal Refs: 610.010 - .028, RSMo.


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