The Board of Education shall determine the policies to serve as a basis for the administration of the school district.The formulation, development, adoption and revision of written policies is a Board function, and adopted policies are among the Board=s governing documents.


The districtís policies shall be consistent with the philosophy, goals and objectives of the district. In the event of a discrepancy between written materials in the district, Board policy will take precedence.


The term "policy" includes any Board regulations.


Policy Proposals


Proposals for new policies or revisions of current policies may be initiated by anyone interested in or connected with the district and must be presented in writing to the superintendent.The superintendent and administration will review the proposal and make appropriate recommendations to the Board.In addition, the district may utilize an outside entity that provides sample policies, service and support.


Policy Adoption


Policies may be adopted, amended or rescinded only upon a majority vote of the members of the Board present at a legally constituted meeting in which the proposed policy or amendment has been included on the agenda and described in writing.Information about proposed policies or amendments will be provided to Board members in advance of the meeting where the policies will be discussed to permit time for study.


The formal adoption, revision or repeal of policies will be recorded in the minutes of the Board meeting.Only those written statements so adopted or revised and so recorded will be regarded as official policies of the Board.Policies may become effective immediately upon adoption or at a specific effective date established by the Board and provided in the motion to adopt.


Alternative Adoption Procedures


When an updating service, such as that provided by the Missouri School Boards' Association, recommends adopting, amending or rescinding policies, the Board may vote to accept the recommendations after Board review.The recommended changes will then be considered immediately adopted and will be regarded as official Board policy.


The Board can adopt, amend or rescind a policy after any number of readings; however, if the Board determines that an emergency exists, the Board may adopt, amend or rescind a policy immediately.The fact that such policy change is adopted as an emergency measure shall be stated in the minutes.


Suspension of Policies


Policies of the Board may only be suspended at an official meeting of the Board by one of the following procedures:


1.†††††††† A majority vote of all Board members when the proposed suspension has been described in writing.


2.†††††††† A unanimous vote of all Board members when the proposed suspension has not been described in writing.


Administration in Policy Absence


The superintendent shall have the power to implement action within the school district if an emergency situation should develop for which the Board has provided no policy guidelines.However, the superintendentís decision shall be subject to review by the Board at its next regular meeting.It is the superintendentís duty to inform the Board of any such action and of the need for an official policy statement.


Policy Review


The Board will review its policies on a continual basis in an effort to ensure that they are current and in compliance with the most recent federal and state regulations, statutes and court decisions.


The superintendent shall be responsible for the administration of the policies adopted by the Board of Education and is responsible for calling the Board=s attention to all policies that are out of date or appear to need revision.The superintendent may designate a specific employee or contract with an outside entity for assistance with updating policies and maintaining an online version of the policy manual, as required by law.For the purpose of this policy, the term Amanual@ refers to the district=s collected policies, whether in print or electronic formats.


If the district maintains multiple copies of paper manuals, the superintendent or designee shall make every effort to ensure that each copy of the policy manual or any excerpt therefrom is identical.Only the copy designated Aofficial copy@ and kept at all times in the office of the superintendent shall be recognized as authoritative.


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Note:†† The reader is encouraged to check the index located at the beginning of this section for other pertinent policies and to review administrative procedures and/or forms for related information.


Adopted:†††††††† 12/14/00


Revised:††††††††† 09/12/15


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Advance R-IV School District, Advance, Missouri