The Board strongly believes that Board development and ongoing education on the Board's roles and responsibilities results in a stronger education institution and sets a good example for district employees and students.  All Board members are expected to complete legally required training and participate in additional learning opportunities throughout their years of Board service.


New Board Member Orientation


The superintendent and Board president will provide each new Board member with training and resources necessary for the new member to understand and actively participate in Board service from the beginning.  New Board members will be provided access to the district's Comprehensive School Improvement Plan, district policies, the budget and all other governing documents.  In addition, new members will be provided the district's most recent Annual Performance Report, test scores and other information regarding the district's performance.  The Board president and superintendent shall set aside such time as is necessary to answer any questions arising from the study of these documents and shall cooperate fully in assisting the new member to become an informed and active Board member.


Legally Required Training


Board members initially elected or appointed after August 28, 1993, are required by law to successfully complete 16 hours of orientation and training requirements within one year of the date of the election or appointment.  In accordance with law, the training must be provided by a statewide association organized for the benefit of members of boards of education or approved by the State Board of Education.  The district will pay for the necessary travel expenses associated with this training.


Board members who fail to complete this training are in violation of state law and could impact the district's accreditation review process.  For this reason, any Board member who fails to complete the required training will be removed from Board committees and will not be allowed to hold a Board office or represent the full Board as an official spokesperson or otherwise in the community unless excused by the Board.  In extreme circumstances where the Board member willfully refuses to complete the training, the Board may inform the public of the Board member's refusal to follow the law.


Individual Board Training and Education


Board members are encouraged to seek out opportunities to learn by attending conferences and meetings, participating in webinars and online learning opportunities, and reading books and publications relevant to Board service.  The Board will annually designate part of the annual budget for costs associated with these learning opportunities.  The Board president and superintendent may periodically recommend or forward education opportunities to Board members.


Full Board Training


The Board will periodically designate training opportunities for the full Board.  The Board strongly encourages the participation of all Board members.  All Board members are encouraged to identify areas of improvement for the Board to focus on and request training that may be beneficial to the entire Board.


Board Member Expectations


Board members are expected to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.  When district funds are used to register a Board member in a conference or learning opportunity and pay for travel expenses, the Board member is expected to fully participate and may be required to provide a report to the full Board regarding the information received.  If a Board member fails to attend a learning opportunity, fails to cancel a registration in time for the district to receive a full refund of expenses incurred or otherwise causes the district to incur excess fees or expenses, the Board may require the Board member to fully reimburse the district and may refuse to pay future fees or expenses on behalf of the Board member until reimbursement is received.  Exceptions will be made in emergency situations.


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Adopted:         12/14/00


Revised:          11/9/15


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Advance R-IV School District, Advance, Missouri