The superintendent or designee ("evaluator") will annually evaluate the performance of principals in the district using an evaluation instrument incorporating the Essential Principles of Effective Evaluation as adopted by the Missouri State Board of Education.  Pursuant to these principles, the evaluation process should:


1.         Use research‑based performance targets aligned with state standards;


2.         Establish indicators of performance articulated across differentiated levels with standards specifying expectations at all levels of practice;


3.         Be aligned with the probation period for the educator as specified in state law and provide for the accurate and appropriate accumulation of performance data;


4.         Use student growth in learning as a significant contributing factor in the evaluation of practice at all levels, using a wide variety of student performance measures;


5.         Assess performance on a regular basis, providing timely feedback from multiple sources that promotes formative development at all career stages and supporting overall improvement;


6.         Be designed to ensure that evaluators who collect evidence of performance and provide feedback are highly trained and objective, ensuring that ratings are fair, accurate and reliable; and


7.         Be designed to guide district decisions regarding determinations of status, recognition, development, interventions and policies that impact student learning in the system.


The primary purpose of the evaluation is to improve student performance by promoting the continuous growth of principals in a manner that is aligned with the district's Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) and, where applicable, building improvement plans (BIPs).  Results of the evaluation will inform employment and compensation decisions, but may not be the only factor considered.  The term "principal" also includes assistant principals.


The superintendent or designee may use the evaluation process described in this policy for the evaluation of other administrators, if appropriate.


Standards-Based Evaluation


The evaluator will measure performance based on the Missouri Leader Standards.  In accordance with these standards, detailed below, the leader must demonstrate the knowledge and ability to ensure the success of all students.


These standards emphasize the principal as a competent manager and instructional leader who continuously acquires new knowledge and skills and is constantly seeking to improve his or her leadership practice to provide for high academic achievement for all students.  In accordance with these standards, the principal demonstrates the knowledge and ability to ensure the success of all students by:


1.         Facilitating the development, articulation, implementation and stewardship of a vision of learning supported by the school community.


2.         Promoting a positive school culture, providing an effective instructional program that applies best practice to student learning, and designing comprehensive professional growth plans for staff.


3.         Managing the organizational structure, personnel and resources in a way that promotes a safe, efficient and effective learning environment.


4.         Collaborating with families and other community members, responding to diverse community interests and needs, and mobilizing community resources.


5.         Acting with integrity and in an ethical manner.


6.         Remaining current on best practices in education administration and school-related areas as evidenced by his or her annual professional development plan.


Evaluation Records


The summative evaluation and any written responses by the principal will be maintained in the principal's personnel file in accordance with the state retention manuals applicable to schools.  The district will not share the evaluation with any state or federal agency unless it is required by law to do so.


Evaluation Process


The superintendent will create a procedure for implementing the principal evaluation process.


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Adopted:         09/12/15




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Advance R-IV School District, Advance, Missouri