Administrative District Reports


The Board of Education may require reports from the district administrative staff concerning the conditions, efficiency and needs of the Advance R-IV School District. In addition, a detailed report may be requested of the superintendent, annually, ads the Board evaluates the effectiveness with which individual schools are achieving the educational purposes of the school district.


Administrative Reports for the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education


School District officials shall submit to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education all records and reports as required by law and/or by regulations of the Missouri State Board of Education. The Application for the Classification and the Annual Report shall be completed and submitted in accordance with department regulations.


The superintendent of schools shall be responsible for seeing that all records and reports are properly kept and submitted to the appropriate sources, and shall be guided by all legal requirements pertaining thereto.

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Adopted: March 14, 1991




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Legal Refs: 165.111, RSMo.


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