The district will conduct competitive bidding for the construction of facilities that are projected to exceed an expenditure of $15,000, and for insurance contracts, bank depository services and other products or services as required by law.


Other purchases or contractual services may be advertised and submitted for bid as directed by the Board or when, in the opinion of the superintendent, the welfare of the district will be served. The Board may require a bidder to submit a cashier's check or bidder's bond. The Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids or any part of any bid and to accept the bid that appears to be in the best interest of the school district. The Board reserves the right to waive minor technical deficiencies in any bid. Any bid may be withdrawn prior to the scheduled time for the opening of bids. Any bid received after the time and date specified shall not be considered.


Generally, bids accepted by the Board pertaining to contracts, services and/or benefits shall be on an annual basis. However, the Board may enter into multi-year agreements as long as the payments under the contract for any given year do not exceed the district's income and revenue for the year plus any unencumbered balances from previous years.


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Adopted: February 12, 2004




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