District personnel will provide appropriate first aid and emergency treatment, and contact emergency medical services (EMS) when appropriate, for any individual who is injured or becomes ill while on district property, on district transportation or at a district activity.  Further medical attention, including the cost of services provided by EMS, is the responsibility of the individual unless otherwise required by law.


Procedures for handling emergencies will be established and distributed in each school building.


Incident Reports


Employees must report all injuries to their supervisor immediately.  Staff who witness any injury or observe the onset of a serious illness on district property, on district transportation or at a district activity will prepare a written incident report on the incident form available in each building.  A copy of the incident report form will be filed with the appropriate designee as soon after witnessing the event as possible.


The superintendent is charged with providing the Board periodic statistical reports on the number and types of injuries occurring on district property or at district activities as well as information on individual accidents or injuries as necessary.


Eye Protection


When required by law, the district will provide students, staff and visitors with eye protective devices that will be used during all activities defined by law.  School principals are authorized to charge for loss, damage or failure to return any eye protective device.



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Adopted:        12/14/00


Revised:         12/14/06


Cross Refs:    GBEA, Workers' Compensation