The health and safety of all students of the school district are of vital concern to the Board. Therefore, it is the policy of the Board that all staff members will provide first aid or emergency treatment to students in the case of sudden illness or injury to the best of their ability, given the extent of their knowledge and training. School medical personnel and emergency medical resources available in the community will be used. Implementation of a "Do Not Resuscitate" (DNR) order is not consistent with this policy.


When a student with special health needs is enrolled, an Individualized Health Plan (IHP) shall be prepared and reviewed at least annually as part of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for students with disabilities.


Should any student's parent/guardian and physician present the district with a written DNR order, the IEP committee will be convened as soon as practical to review the student's current program and placement to determine appropriateness. Specialist consultations shall be obtained as appropriate.


In the unlikely event that parent and physician can demonstrate to the IEP Committee that special circumstances justify alternate life-sustaining approaches, an individually designed medical resuscitation plan may be incorporated into the IHP for life-threatening situations. This plan shall not deny all life-sustaining activities, but may describe emergency procedures appropriate to the individual student. Specialists shall be included in development of the plan and in training for implementation as needed.


It is the intent of the Board that the underlying principle of any response to a DNR order shall be that no student is to be denied the fullest genuine, appropriate efforts to preserve life and health.


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Adopted: December 14, 2000




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