The Advance R-IV School District has a crisis intervention plan to help school district administrators and faculty deal effectively with crises that could interfere with the normal daily operation of school.  This plan outlines and describes the district's guidelines for responding to most crises.  All staff members with a need to know will be provided in-service training concerning these guidelines.  Specific information regarding the crisis intervention plan is available in the central and building offices upon request, unless it is considered a closed record pursuant to the Missouri Sunshine Law.


The superintendent or designee shall develop a comprehensive all-hazards emergency response plan. The plan must identify potential emergency situations that may impact the district, include procedures for responding to those emergency situations and address the transition back to pre‑emergency status.  The plan will be developed based on recommendations from the Missouri Center for Education Safety, the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) or other appropriate entities that provide expertise in emergency planning.  In addition, the plan will be developed with cooperation from local public-safety first responders and, to the extent possible, will be compatible with city and county plans.  The emergency plan will include provisions addressing the needs of special populations of students and will assume a potential shelter‑inplace period of up to 72 hours.




All district staff are required to report potentially dangerous situations immediately.  Each building in the district will foster an environment in which students feel comfortable sharing with a responsible adult any information regarding potentially threatening or dangerous situations.


Community Emergency Plan


The Board directs the superintendent or designee to recommend an emergency preparedness plan, subject to Board adoption, to address the use of school resources (including school facilities, commodity foods, school transportation and equipment) if a natural disaster or other community emergency occurs.  The plan will authorize the superintendent or other designated school official to approve the use of school resources to provide relief to the community if an emergency occurs.  The use of school resources under this section shall be subject to review by the Board within 30 days of authorization or as soon as reasonably possible.


Crisis and Emergency Plan Records


In accordance with law and district policy, the district will close records pertaining to school security guidelines, policies and response plans; structural plans of real property; security systems; and access and authorization codes for security systems.


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Adopted:         10/09/03


Revised:          04/14/14


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