(Districts Not Required To Hold Earthquake Drills)


The superintendent has the responsibility for developing and maintaining the district's emergency preparedness plans. Emergency preparedness drills (fire, severe weather, tornado, bus evacuation, bomb threat, or civil emergency) will be developed by the superintendent in cooperation with the building principals. A sufficient number of drills will be conducted in each building to give instruction and practice in proper actions by staff and students. The decision for calling and executing drills will be the responsibility of the superintendent and/or the building principal. The district shall maintain close cooperation with other community agencies (fire department, law enforcement officials and civil defense personnel) in a continued program of preparedness.


Students and staff members shall be retained at the school buildings during actual emergency conditions for safety reasons. Parents/Guardians are urged not to come to the school premises to pick up their children. Buses will not be made available for transportation until authorized by the superintendent or designee. During actual emergency conditions, civil defense vehicles, ambulances, firefighting units, law enforcement, and other authorized vehicles will have priority in the vicinity of the schools.


Disaster Plans


It shall be the responsibility of the building principal, in cooperation with the appropriate emergency preparedness officials, to determine shelter areas in the school building which are best suited for the protection of students from severe storms, tornadoes or situations involving a civil defense emergency. The procedures to be followed in these situations shall be posted near the door in each classroom. School will not be dismissed during tornado warnings or civil defense alerts.


Fire Safety Procedures


It shall be the responsibility of the building principal, in cooperation with appropriate fire department officials, to prepare a fire drill emergency exit plan for the school building. The plan should permit pupils to leave the building safely and without delay. An exit plan will be posted near the door in each classroom. Instruction in fire drills shall be given early in the school year, and drills shall be held regularly throughout the year.


All school buildings in the district which require stationary fire escapes as defined in state law shall be equipped with the appropriate iron or steel stair or fire escapes.


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