The Board recognizes the necessity for a planned safety program to create a safe environment for the students attending, and for the professional and support staff employed by the school district. The maintenance of healthful and safe conditions throughout the school district is a responsibility shared by the Board, superintendent and all professional and support staff.


Every attempt will be made to meet safety and health standards established by state and federal laws and regulations. The cooperation of school, home and community in providing a safe and healthful environment is encouraged by the Board.


Safe practices will be a scheduled part of instruction in the classrooms, laboratories and school shops. Proper supervision of students and other citizens using the school facilities will be required. Hazardous conditions indicated by inspectors will be reported to the Board and corrected. Each building administrator will develop and implement a safety program, report hazardous conditions to the superintendent and hold employees and students responsible for the observance of all safety rules and procedures.



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Adopted: December 14, 2000




Legal Refs: 160.660, 165.011, RSMo.


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