School officials will determine student eligibility for free and reduced-price meals, snacks and milk in accordance with state and federal law. Eligible students will be provided meals, snacks and milk either free or at a reduced price if state and federal resources for school food programs are available. The superintendent or designee may establish rules and procedures as needed to accomplish this goal.


The criteria for determining a student's need and the procedures for securing free and reduced-price meals, snacks and milk for the student will be outlined and publicized each year by the district in accordance with law. The criteria and procedures are established at the state and federal level.


The district will establish a school breakfast program or will adopt a resolution requesting a waiver excusing the district from this requirement, in accordance with law. The resolution, if adopted, will be filed with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.


The students who participate in the free or reduced-price meals, snacks or milk program will not be overtly identified, distinguished or served differently than other students and will have the same choice of meals, snacks or milk as other students. The district may charge all students for la carte menu items. No person other than employees and contracted food service personnel responsible for the administration of the free and reduced-price meals program will have access to information:


1. Obtained from an application for free or reduced-price meals.


2. Received for the purpose of direct verification.


3. Pertaining to eligibility status for free or reduced-price meals, snacks or milk, unless specifically authorized by law.


The superintendent or designee will investigate whether the district can continue to provide meals to students receiving free and reduced-price meals when schools are closed for an extended period due to an emergency or health crisis. The superintendent or designee will determine whether such a program is practically and financially feasible by consulting with:


1. Food service personnel regarding purchasing and supplies.

2. Facilities staff to determine storage options.

3. Local emergency planners to develop a preparation and delivery system.


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Adopted: 04/14/03


Revised: 06/09/14


Cross Refs: AC, Prohibition against Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation

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JHCF, Student Allergy Prevention and Response

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Advance R-IV School District, Advance, Missouri