The health and safety of all school staff personnel is of vital importance to the school district. The Board will seek to provide safe working conditions for all staff members, and will give prompt consideration to those conditions which may present a threat to the health and safety of staff members.


Employees will not be required to submit to medical examinations unless the examination is job related and consistent with business necessity or otherwise allowed by law. Medical records must be maintained on separate forms in separated medical files and shall be treated confidentially.


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Adopted: December 14, 2000




Cross Refs: EBAB, Hazardous Materials

GBEBA, Drug-Free Workplace

GBEBB, Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing

GBEC, Communicable Diseases -- Employee

GBL, Personnel Records

JHCC, Communicable Diseases -- Student


Legal Refs: 302.272, RSMo.

Americans with Disabilities Act, 42 U.S.C. 12101 12213


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