Master Employee Personnel File


A master employee personnel file may contain, but is not limited to:


1.         Applications.


2.         Evaluations and other performance documentation.


3.         Salary records, including wage and tax statements (W‑2 forms).


4.         Payroll withholding records, including withholding allowance certificates (W‑4 forms).


5.         Leave requests, summary records of leaves taken, and leave balance reports.


6.         Personal information including, but not limited to: name, address, telephone number, emergency numbers and spouse.


7.         Individual employment contract.


8.         Employee benefit records.


9.         Time and attendance records.


10.       Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) records.


11.       Training records.


12.       Unemployment insurance case file.


13.       Workers' Compensation case file.


All personnel records will be retained in accordance with the most current versions of the Public School Records Retention Schedule and the General Records Retention Schedule, both of which are published by the Missouri Secretary of State.


Immigration Records File


Each employee must complete an Eligibility Verification (I‑9) Form and produce documents that establish his or her identity and eligibility to work.  Form I‑9 contains a list of documents that will fulfill this requirement.  The district will retain I‑9 forms for three years or the length of employment plus one year, whichever is greater, and shall maintain them in a separate file from the employee's other personnel records.


The district will also participate in a federal work authorization program to further verify the employment eligibility of every employee.  This verification only applies to employees hired after the district's enrollment in the program.  The district will retain a copy of the dated verification report in the same file and for the same length of time as the employee's I‑9 form.


The district will also retain documentation associated with a Social Security Administration no-match letter.


Employee Health and Medical File


Employee health and medical records shall be kept in a file separate from the employee's other personnel records.  The employee health and medical file may contain, but is not limited to:


1.         Medical examination records and related documentation.


2.         Records pertaining to an employee's disability, including documentation of employer accommodations.


3.         Documentation of work-related illnesses or injuries.


4.         Records of exposure to hazardous conditions or materials.


5.         Drug-testing records.


6.         Physician statements.


7.         First aid incident reports.


8.         FMLA-related records.


Record Access


Personnel records are closed, as authorized by law.  Only authorized school officials shall have access to an employee's personnel records without the written consent of the employee.  Medical records and I‑9 forms will be available only to school officials who need to know the information contained in those records.  Board members will have access to an employee's personnel file only in accordance with Board policy GBL.


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Note:   The reader is encouraged to review policies and/or forms for related information in this administrative area.






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