Benefits in addition to basic salary are recognized by the Board as an integral part of the total compensation plan for full-time professional staff members. The benefits extended to the certificated staff will be designed to promote its present and future economic security, and to provide incentive for professional development that will be of benefit to the district.


The Board of Education shall provide fringe benefits to all full-time professional staff members by offering participation in a group insurance plan. The contract for insurance will be submitted to competitive bidding at least every three (3) years. Any plan of group health insurance shall include a provision allowing persons who retire, or who have retired, to become members of the plan if they are eligible to receive benefits under the teacher retirement system, by paying premiums at the same rate as other members of the group, pursuant to the limitations set forth in 169.590, RSMo.


At the time of commencement of coverage under the plan, an employee shall be given his or her first notification of rights under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). Further notification is contingent upon the occurrence of a qualifying event and, in applicable situations, notification to the district that a qualifying event has occurred, as required by law.


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