The superintendent, at the direction of the Board, shall recommend employment for the professional staff, maintain personnel records, administer leaves, evaluate performance, and issue or terminate contracts within the provisions established by the Teacher Tenure Act of the State of Missouri.




The following definitions shall apply in the administration of the Missouri Teacher Tenure Act:


1. Teacher: Any employee of a school district, except a metropolitan school district, regularly required to be certified under laws relating to the certification of teachers, except superintendents, assistant superintendents and any other persons regularly performing supervisory functions as their primary duty.


2. Permanent Teacher: Any teacher who has been employed or who is hereafter employed as a teacher in the same school district for five successive years, and who has continued or who thereafter continues to be employed by the school district; except that, when a permanent teacher resigns or is permanently separated from employment by a school district, and is afterward re-employed by the same school district, re-employment for the first school year does not constitute an indefinite contract, but if he or she is employed for the succeeding year, the employment constitutes an indefinite contract; and except that any teacher employed under a part-time contract by a school district shall accrue credit toward permanent status on a prorated basis. Any permanent teacher who is promoted with his or her consent to a supervisory position including principal or assistant principal, or is first employed by a district as a principal or assistant principal, shall not have permanent status in such position, but shall retain tenure in the position previously held within the district, or, after serving two years as principal or assistant principal, shall have tenure as a permanent teacher of that system.


3. Probationary Teacher: Any teacher as herein defined who has been employed in the same school district for five successive years or less. A teacher recognized as a full-time teacher by a public school retirement system shall be recognized as a full-time teacher under sections 168.102 to 168.130. In the case of any probationary teacher who has been employed in any other school system as a teacher for two or more years, the Board of Education shall waive one year of his or her probationary period.


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Adopted: December 14, 2000




Legal Refs: 168.101 - .130, RSMo.


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