Professional staff members will be expected to assume reasonable duties over and above their regular teaching responsibilities. Activities and services that make minor demands on the teacher's time shall be part of each teacher's basic assignment. Teachers shall take turns selling tickets to extracurricular events, and shall supervise students at those activities, when assigned by the principal. Schedules of supervision, sponsorships and activities will be assembled by the building principals. Administrators will strive to equalize those duties among teachers.


Extra duty assignments which make major demands on a teacher's time shall be compensated in accordance with an extra-duty allowance salary schedule established annually by the Board. Extra duties shall be defined as those duties and responsibilities in conjunction with but not a part of the regular teaching assignment, but considered as a part of the teaching act. These duties are not considered subject to the provisions of the Teacher Tenure Act. Faculty members to be appointed to extra-duty positions will be recommended by the superintendent and approved by the Board. Appointees will be issued a contract for the terms of their extra-duty employment stating the particular assignment, its duration and the compensation to be paid. Professional staff members will be paid stipends that are commensurate with the demands of their specific extra-duty assignments. Most stipends will be paid on an annual or seasonal basis, although certain assignments not related to the teaching act, performed at irregular or infrequent intervals, may be paid at an hourly rate.


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