The district will provide for professional growth through the following:


1. Establish a Professional Development Committee (PDC) that will adopt and implement a Professional Development Plan (PDP) based on the district's Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP).


2. Allocate adequate funding for professional development as required by state law.


3. Provide leave and dismissal time for approved professional growth activities.


4. Provide opportunities for advancement on the salary schedule with additional education or training in accordance with Board policy and PDC procedures.


Reimbursements for expenses related to conferences and visitations will be as approved by the superintendent in accordance with district procedures, provided that the expenses are within budget allocations.


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Adopted: November 14, 2002




Cross Refs: GCBA, Professional Staff Salary Schedules

GCBDA, Professional Staff Short-Term Leaves and Absences


Legal Refs: 160.530, 163.021.5, 168.400, RSMo.


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