Academic freedom is the right and responsibility of educators and students to study, investigate, present, interpret and discuss all facts and ideas relevant to the subject matter of the classroom and appropriate to the maturity and the intellectual and emotional capacities of the students.


It is the intention of the school district to preserve and clarify the academic rights and responsibilities of the districtís teachers, within the scope of the curriculum, and to strive toward the free exchange of ideas in the classroom.To further the exchange of ideas, the teacher may employ subject matter appropriate to the level of the learner, in keeping with the mores of the community, and may use teaching methods and teaching aids deemed appropriate in conduct of the class.


Academic freedom is not to be interpreted as promoting ideologies and philosophies which are contradictory or diametrically opposed to the mores and values of the community as interpreted by the Board of Education.


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Adopted:††††††††† 1995


Revised:†††††††††† December 14, 2000


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