Career Education


The Board recognizes that career education is a developmental process designed to help students prepare for life roles in the family, the community, occupations and avocations. The Board also recognizes that the development of career education enables students of all ages to examine attitudes, interests, aptitudes and abilities in order to relate them to career opportunities, and to make valid decisions regarding further education and future endeavors.


Therefore, the Board will provide career education for students at all levels of instruction. Career education in the elementary schools shall consist of career awareness and the exploration of career opportunities in various fields. At the secondary level, it will incorporate career exploration, career guidance, and vocational training opportunities, with the latter designed to equip students to enter post-secondary training for occupational areas, and/or enter specific occupations directly out of high school.


Vocational Education


Vocational training programs shall be an integral part of the comprehensive high school concept in the school district. Efforts will be made to keep vocational programs relevant to job requirements, and reflective of area needs, as well as being geared to the current and future technological and economic conditions. These programs shall provide students with the basic skills to enter the world of work, to obtain additional vocational skills and/or to continue their formal education. Vocational education, as a core component of comprehensive education, will share with other aspects of the high school curriculum in the development of character, attitudes and work skills.


District vocational programs shall meet all federal and state guidelines and requirements. Advisory councils will be utilized in all vocational programs.


Following the concept of area vocational-technical schools as established by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, students from the Advance R-IV School District may attend vocational-technical training programs at the Area Vocational-Technical facility.


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Adopted: December 14, 2000




Legal Refs: 178.420 - .560, RSMo.


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