The Board prefers that the school district financially support student activities, but in some cases, it may be necessary for students to raise funds to help support some activities. Whether funds are collected from student contributions, club dues, special activities, or result from admissions to events or from other fund-raising activities, all funds will be under the jurisdiction of the superintendent and building principals. The funds will be expended to benefit students currently enrolled in school. Principals will use the utmost discretion in approving fund-raising activities. The principal need not authorize any money-raising activities unless considered desirable.


The management of the funds will be in accordance with good business practices, including sound budgetary and accounting procedures, and will be audited in the same manner as district funds. There shall be full disclosure of the sources and expenditures of all funds. Each principal with Board approval will be directly responsible for all types of money-raising activities conducted in the school or sponsored in any manner by the school. Parent-teacher committees or faculty-student committees will work in full cooperation, with and under the supervision of the principal in planning any special programs or in conducting any activity which involves the raising of money.


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Adopted: December 14, 2000




Advance R-IV School District, Advance, Missouri



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