The Board of Education believes that student activities sponsored by the school district are a vital part of the total educational program and should be used as a means of developing wholesome attitudes and good human relations, as well as knowledge and skills.The Board further recognizes that not all of the districtís goals and objectives can be met in formal classroom study.Therefore, the districtís extracurricular activities program will provide opportunities for student participation in activities designed to meet leisure, recreational, social and emotional interests and needs.


Extracurricular activities will be those organized and supervised activities conducted under the auspices of the school district which primarily involve students in activities occurring outside academic class time, for which no units of credit are awarded.These activities shall provide for individual, small group and/or student body participation.


All extracurricular activities must have a duly-appointed sponsor, advisor or coach who is a regularly contracted teacher.It shall be the duty of such individuals to attend all meetings, functions, or practices of the various groups, to advise students regarding the proper conduct of affairs, and to keep the building principal informed regarding activities.No team or other group of pupils shall leave the school district for any interscholastic game or interschool activity unless accompanied by a coach, director or someone delegated by the principal, who shall remain with the team or group until it returns to the school; and the team or group shall at all times be subject to the authority of the person(s) accompanying it.


The following are to be considered extracurricular activities:







Any program of extracurricular activities in the school district shall be governed by the following guidelines:







The Board will monitor the districtís extracurricular activities program, through the authority it extends to the superintendent and principals, to authorize and administer it in keeping with this policy and Board-approved regulations.




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Adopted:††††††††† December 14, 2000




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