The Board of Education shall grant early enrollment in kindergarten under the conditions of:



Students entering kindergarten under the Early Entry Kindergarten program have a four (4) week probationary period and must have a minimum of 80% mastery on the checklist below.


+ indicates satisfactory progress

- indicates unsatisfactory progress


            Social and Emotional Behavior


q       Works and plays well with others.

q       Is dependable and accepts responsibility.

q       Developing self-control.

q       Attends to personal needs.

q       Is courteous and considerate of others.

q       Observes rules.

q       Respects private and public property.

q       Is self-confident.


Work Habits


q       Listens to and follows directions.

q       Attacks work promptly and completes it on time.

q       Works well independently.

q       Does work neatly and orderly.

q       Takes care of materials.

q       Is prepared for class.


Physical and Language Development


q       Uses scissors, pencils, glue and other tools well.

q       Performs large muscle activities well (hop, march, skip, etc.)

q       Speaks clearly, uses correct English and vocabulary appropriate to age.

q       Contributes ideas and expresses thought creatively.

q       Listens while others are speaking.

q       Listens to story and answers questions about it.

q       Repeats nursery rhymes, fingerplays or poems.



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Adopted:          December 14, 2000




Cross Refs:       JEA, Compulsory Attendance Ages and Part-Time Attendance

                        JEB, Entrance Age

                        JEC, School Admissions

                        JECA, Admission of Resident Students

                        JECB, Admission of Nonresident Students

                        JECC, Assignment of Students to Grade Levels/Classes


Legal Refs:       §§ 160.051, 167.031, RSMo.

Mo. Const., Art. IX,  § 1(a)


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