A student who transfers into the Advance R-IV School District will not be eligible for Valedictorian or Salutatorian unless the student has been enrolled as a full-time student in Advance Schools for four consecutive semesters (two full years) before graduation. The student will be eligible for scholarships if the proper procedures are followed by the student.


This proposal is to be entered on page three (3) of the student handbook following minimum requirements for Advance graduates.


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Adopted: March 11, 1993




Cross Refs: JEA, Compulsory Attendance Ages and Part-Time Attendance

JEB, Entrance Age

JEC, School Admissions

JECA, Admission of Resident Students

JECB, Admission of Nonresident Students

JECC, Assignment of Students to Grade Levels/Classes


Legal Refs: 160.051, 167.031, RSMo.

Mo. Const., Art. IX, 1(a)


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