Students are expected to take reasonable care of school property. Students shall pay for books, school supplies, school equipment or other school property lost or damaged beyond ordinary wear and tear. Payment shall be assessed by the principal of the school concerned, or a designated person, in accordance with the price of the book or other article lost or damaged.


Any student who carelessly or intentionally defaces or damages school property shall be required to pay for all damages, and may be subject to additional disciplinary action.


Failure to pay for damages shall result, after due notification of parent or guardian, in the student being suspended from school, with readmission only upon application to the Board of Education.


According to state law, parents or guardians of juveniles under the age of 18 are responsible for vandalism, loss or damage caused by their children, up to an amount of $2000. Proceedings against the unemancipated minor may be initiated for any balance not paid by the parent or guardian. In default of payment, the case shall be reported to the proper legal authorities or filed in small claims court.


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Adopted: April 8, 1991




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Advance R-IV School District, Advance, Missouri



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