Corporal punishment, as a measure of correction or of maintaining discipline and order in schools, is permitted. However, it shall be used only when all other alternative means of discipline have failed, and then only in reasonable form and upon the recommendation of the principal. If found necessary, it should be administered preferably by the principal in the presence of the teacher. It should never be inflicted in the presence of other pupils, nor without a witness.


Corporal punishment shall be administered only by swatting the buttocks with a paddle. When it becomes necessary to use corporal punishment, it shall be administered so that there can be no chance of bodily injury or harm. Striking a student on the head or face is not permitted.


The teacher or principal shall submit a report to the superintendent, explaining the reason for the use of corporal punishment as well as the details of the administration of the same.


A staff member may, however, use reasonable physical force against a student without advance notice to the principal, if it is essential for self-defense, the preservation of order, or for the protection of other persons or the property of the school district.


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Adopted: December 14, 2000




Cross Refs: JG, Student Discipline

JHG, Reporting and Investigating Child Abuse/Neglect


Legal Refs: 160.261, 171.011, 563.061, RSMo.


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