It is the policy of the Advance R-IV School District that all students attending the district schools shall be immunized in accordance with law.


The district will not allow a student to attend school until the district has satisfactory evidence on file that the student has been immunized, that the immunization process has begun and satisfactory progress is being accomplished or that the student is exempted from obtaining immunizations in accordance with law.


A student is exempted from obtaining immunizations if the district has on file the completed forms necessary to prove that the student will not be immunized for religious or medical reasons. An exemption for medical reasons requires certification by a licensed doctor of medicine or doctor of osteopathy that either the immunization would seriously endanger the child's health or life or that the child has documentation of laboratory evidence of immunity to the disease. An exemption for religious reasons requires written certification from one (1) parent or guardian that immunization of the student violates his or her religious beliefs.


Homeless students who cannot provide proof of immunization will be immediately enrolled, and the district's homeless coordinator will work with the students to obtain the necessary immunizations as soon as possible.


The district will exclude from school all students who are not immunized or exempted as required by law. When immunization is in progress, failure to meet the next scheduled appointment constitutes noncompliance with the immunization law, and the student should be excluded from school immediately.


The district must report to the Department of Health and Senior Services the names of any parent or guardian who neglects or refuses to permit a nonexempted student to be immunized. The district will also report to the Children's Division(CD) of the Department of Social Services any instance of educational or medical neglect.


The superintendent or designee shall institute procedures for the maintenance of health records, which are to show the immunization status of every child enrolled or attending in the district, and for the completion of all necessary reports in accordance with guidelines prepared by the Department of Health and Senior Services.


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Adopted: September 9, 2004




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Advance R-IV School District, Advance, Missouri



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