Patrons of the district are encouraged to express ideas, concerns and comments about school programs through written correspondence, service on citizen advisory committees and responses to surveys authorized by the Board, in accordance with Board policies and procedures for receiving public complaints and public participation at Board meetings, and as otherwise authorized or required for district participation in state and federal programs.


The Board is mindful that it is accountable to the patrons of the district and shall give substantial weight to the advice it receives from individuals and community groups interested in the district's schools. The district is also mindful that it must take into account its responsibility for the welfare of the entire district in arriving at decisions.


The Board recognizes that many residents of the district may be specially qualified to assist and advise the district because of their training, experience or personal characteristics, and the Board encourages them to take an active part in school affairs.


The Board also recognizes that community involvement is not only important at the district level but is often most effective at the school level. Each school in the district will advise patrons about any avenues for providing input unique to that school and will encourage them to take advantage of those opportunities.


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Adopted: May 13, 2004




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