Gifts, Donations and Bequests to the District Foundation


The Board of Education encourages the community to direct all gifts, donations or bequests to foundations created to support the district.Gifts, donations and bequests made to foundations are not considered public funds, which allows the district greater flexibility in using the funds.Further, a foundation is eligible for grants and gifts not otherwise available to governmental entities.


Gifts, Donations and Bequests to the District


All gifts, donations and bequests ("gifts") accepted by the district will become the property of the district, to be expended or used at the discretion of the Board of Education and in accordance with Board policies and law for the benefit of the district as a whole.In general, the superintendent or designee is authorized to accept gifts to the school district, but the Board must take action to accept all contributions that require ongoing annual service, a maintenance fee, significant personnel time, initial or continuing financial commitments from the district or gifts of real property.


In deciding whether to accept a gift, the superintendent, the Board or its designee will minimally consider whether the contribution will further the goals of the district, whether it will be used, whether it is appropriate for the school environment and whether it will unequally distribute resources in the district.No gift will be accepted without verification that there are no encumbrances against the gift.


All gifts accepted will be reported to the Board of Education, publicly announced and appropriately acknowledged.The donor will be officially thanked in the districtís name.


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Adopted:††††††††† February 12, 2004




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